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Top Safety Risk For Your Pets during Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching but that doesn't mean your pet will enjoy all the festivities. Here are some things to look out for so your special buddy can enjoy the holiday!

Keep their paws away from the candy bowl

Halloween candy such as chocolate contain theobromine, a chemical well known to be dangerous for dogs. Xylitol (a common sweetener) is considered extremely toxic to dogs. If your dog decides to take some Halloween treats, keep a close on them. The most common signs you need to look out for are vomiting, diarrhea, excessive panting, increased thirst, and a fast heart beat. If your dog shows any signs of this take them to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

Your pet might not be the biggest fan of trick 'r treaters

Trick r' treaters come in big groups with lots of excitement for candy. That kind of energy might be upsetting for some pets and cause extreme stress. This often leads them to running out or in the worst case scenario, might cause them to lunge at small groups. In order to ensure your pet strays stress free its best to place them inside another room before opening the door to hand out candy. This way your pet doesn't have to worry about young trick r' treaters trying to get their candy.

Watch out for any fancy Halloween décor

Most if not all Halloween decorations require electricity and wiring. Sometimes your pet might confuse them for a tasty treat or a brand new toy. Make sure to keep your eyes out for any of these things if you decide to take your dog out trick r' treating.

It's best to keep your pets inside

Some Halloween tricksters will often target animals for their pranks and abuse. The safest place for them during this time is at home. Make sure your pet has proper identification. A tagged collar and/or microchips are highly recommended for this time.

Your pet might not be the biggest fan of costumes

As much as you might want to put a costume on your pet for the festivities, often times this can cause extreme stress. If your pet shows signs of tearing off their costumes then its best to put it away. If your pet doesn't mind costumes then get one that wont restrict their vision, movement, and ability to use the bathroom.

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